This is the best place to find answers to our most frequently asked questions. However, if you can’t find an answer to your specific question, feel free to contact us directly.

We sell our products direct to you, the customer. Most companies use the traditional retail model of selling their product, which means a markup of around 50% is added to that item at the retail level. As an example, Store A buys a product from a brand for $500, then sells it to their customer for $1000. Because stores want that brand to fit a retail price point, it puts limits on product development and the quality of materials that can be used.

Since we bypass this retail model, we’re freed up to use the highest grade materials available, which means we can partner with the best glass producers in the world and work with the best materials to produce our product. Ultimately, this means we can produce an optic that rivals the best, but at about half the cost of our competitors.

Because of our our direct to consumer model, we only sell through our website or at consumer shows and events. This is the key to allowing us to produce a high quality product, but at about half the cost of our competitors.

We understand that you’d like to try before you buy; that’s why we’ve put together our unique Demo Program to allow you to test out any of our optics for 2 full weeks at no obligation to purchase. Simply place your order and you’ll be sent a lightly used, like-new, binocular. You’ll have 2 weeks to put it through its paces and then decide whether you’d like to purchase a custom model, a stock model, keep the demo or return it for a full credit to your card. We include a return shipping label for return.

Alternatively, we have several demo centers to give you a first hand look at our optics. Though we sell strictly through our website, these demo centers give you the ability to handle and try out a Maven.

Wyoming: Wind River Outdoor Company
Colorado: No Limits Archery
Utah: The Front Archery
Outdoor Sports

All Maven optics come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. If your optic becomes damaged or is at all defective (not including deliberate or cosmetic damage that does not hinder product performance), contact us immediately for repair or replacement. We don’t care where or when you bought it or if it was your fault or not – if it says Maven, we will take care of it.

Visit our Warranty Service/Repairs page for more details concerning repair or replacement. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning repairs or warranty issues.

Because we sell direct to consumer, we’re not limited to the type of materials we can use. As a result, we use the best glass available in our optics. In our B and S Series optics, we utilize the best optical components available from Japan. In our C Series we use a combination of key Japanese components along with other optical elements from China. In all of our optics we plan and build an overall optical system tuned to be the best performance available for the price.

We use premium Japanese components for B and S Series optics. The B Series and S Series are assembled in a military standard (MIL-SPEC) facility in San Diego, and are then shipped to our headquarters in Lander, Wyoming where we inspect and test for quality assurance. The C Series uses a combination of Chinese and Japanese components and are assembled in the Philippines. Once assembled, they are shipped to our headquarters where each batch is sample-tested for quality assurance.

It typically takes 4 weeks to receive a custom optic once it has been ordered. If a custom order needs to be received sooner than the standard 4 weeks there is an option in the custom-builder app to expedite your order to within a 2 week build time. Shipping time and cost options are figured separately.

Each binocular (except for the C2, which comes with ocular lens covers only) comes with lens covers for the objective and ocular lenses, a soft storage bag suitable for cleaning the lenses, a padded neoprene neck strap, and Adapt-Its.

Each spotting scope comes with lens covers for the objective and ocular lenses and a soft storage bag suitable for cleaning the lenses.  

We know that not everyone uses or wants a hard case. If a hard case was included, the overall cost of the optic to the customer would be higher. Our hard cases are sold separately as an accessory.  As with all of our components we keep the cost as low as possible.

This is a very personal choice and will vary by each user depending on their needs and uses.

Low magnification: larger Field of View (FOV), larger exit pupil (more light to the eye), easier to hold steady.
High magnification: more detail in distant subjects, objects will appear closer

Low magnification: less detail in distant subjects, objects will not appear as close.
High magnification
smaller Field of View (FOV), smaller exit pupil (less light to the eye), can be difficult to hold steady (hand shake will be magnified and more apparent).

The fundamental difference is the type of prisms used in each. The B.1 uses a traditional Schmidt-Pechan roof prism and the B.2 uses the Abbe-Koenig prism. Due to the prism size the B.2 is slightly larger and heavier, but also offers 3% more end-to-end light transmission. The B.1 is slightly more compact and comes in the traditional 8×42 and 10×42 while the B.2 is slightly larger and comes in 9×45 and 11×45. Generally speaking, the larger 45mm will gather more light and will perform better in lower light conditions.

The C Series is a mid-level optic, while the B Series is a high performance, elite-level optic…

B Series: Contrast, edge to edge clarity, resolution, light transmission, larger sweet spot – across the board, the B Series has a ~5-10% increase in performance. The internal optical system uses a higher grade of glass throughout the entire unit. All glass is produced in Japan. Units are produced individually and undergo a more rigorous inspection. Overall, they are larger and weightier with a magnesium frame and feel more substantial in the hands.  These compete against the best optics in the market.

C Series: Contrast, edge to edge clarity, resolution, light transmission, smaller sweet spot – across the board, the C Series has a slight decrease in performance, though still exceptional. This will be most noticeable when spending longer time behind the glass. The internal optical system uses a mix of glass grades and coatings. While the B Series are produced and built individually, the C Series is produced in the hundreds, and are sample inspected, rather than individually inspected. The polymer frame makes the C Series lighter than the B Series.

Feature B Series C Series
Weight Good Excellent
Clarity Excellent Good
Resolution Excellent Good
Light Transmission Excellent Good
Durability Excellent Good
Sweet Spot Excellent Good
Color Correction Excellent Excellent
Coatings Excellent Good
Value Excellent Excellent
Overall Performance Excellent Good

Specific features can be viewed on the
C Series and B Series specs pages.

Yes, we can re-customize your current Maven B or S Series optics for a $100 fee, plus the cost of selected changes (refer to the Builder for selected charges). Whether you’d like new camo armoring, different colored rings, or to add an engraving, we can re-customize your optic to suit your needs. Ship your optic to our Lander, WY office and specify your changes. Turn around time is typically 4 weeks.