Muley Fanatic Foundation Custom Binoculars

$ 850

B.1: 10X42-$850
B.2: 9X45-$950 / 11X45-$1000

Introducing the limited edition custom Muley Fanatic Foundation B.1 and B.2 binoculars – elite optics, designed to fit your specific needs, in Desert Shadow camo for use in the wide open spaces where the sagebrush dominate the landscape. Superior low-light performance, tack-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, generous depth of field, silky focus mechanism – the B Series stacks up with the most celebrated and expensive binoculars in the world… bar none. Our modern sportsman inspired designs paired with the best available materials and state of the art technology create an uncompromising optic.

You save $150 when purchasing any of the custom optics and Maven will donate $100 to the Muley Fanatic Foundation each time one is purchased.

Includes neoprene neckstrap, lens caps and double-layered microfiber storage bag. 

This custom build will arrive at your doorstep three weeks after you place your order unless you decide to expedite the shipping. Either way, we promise they are worth the wait.

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