Riflescope Custom Turret

$ 100

The Custom Ballistics Turret is a user-installed replacement for the stock elevation turret on the Maven RS.1, RS.3, RS.4 & RS.5. Customized to your ballistics and shooting environment, the Custom Ballistics Turret provides one full rotation (20 MOA RS.1, 15 MOA RS.3, 25 MOA RS.4, 20 MOA RS.5) of custom yardage marks. Markings are limited to one rotation and max distance will vary depending on users ballistics.

Built by Wyoming Arms. Custom Turrets ship within 2 weeks of order.

RS.1 Specifications:

-The design provides a functional zero-stop* once installed. 
-Dimensions: 7/8 in. 
-Weight: 0.9 oz

RS.3 Specifications:

-Dimensions: 1 in. 
-Weight: 0.8 oz

RS.4 Specifications:

-Dimensions: 1.5 in. 
-Weight: 0.5 oz

RS.5 Specifications:

-Dimensions: 1.25 in. 
-Weight: 0.4 oz

*See FAQ for more info

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