New: B.5 18x56 MOA/MIL with Reticle

While not everyone may consider themselves a competitive shooter, the desire to improve our shooting skills is universal. In our endeavor to enhance our marksmanship abilities, we sought guidance from the Mavens in the shooting community. This exploration resulted in the creation of one of our most unique binocular designs to date: the B.5 18x56 binocular with MOA and MIL reticle - a binocular tailored to elevate your shooting performance.

"The benefit of a reticle binocular shouldn't be underestimated: it enhances your ability to assess distances and proportions, aiding in accurately gauging target sizes - crucial for making informed decisions during target acquisition."

-Collin Fossen, Competitive Shooter & Reticle Designer

Designed specifically with shooters in mind, we’ve tailored our largest objective binocular for target and competitive shooting by incorporating a fixed reticle. The integrated etched MOA or MIL reticle assists in shooting scenarios by providing clear shot interpretation for both spotters and shooters. Use the reticle to range known targets or on-the-fly field judging for those that want the added benefit of estimating big game while in hunting scenarios. Because of this, it's our recommended optic for those seeking a high-powered binocular to elevate their overall shooting experience.

Featuring an impressive 18x magnification, the B.5 MOA/MIL ensures the user has an unobstructed view of the target, enabling swift and accurate adjustments for facilitating in follow-up shots. Retaining the exceptional qualities of the original B.5 model, it showcases a lightweight magnesium frame and Abbe-Koenig prism. Its substantial 56mm objective lens sets it apart as our largest binocular, further enhanced by our use of fluorite glass, the very same premium glass that’s featured in our S Series Spotting Scopes. 

Choose between MOA (Minute of Angle) or MIL (Milliradian) reticles. Shooters who excel with Minute of Angle gives the user the ability to call out directions in MOA measurements, allowing the shooter to correct their aim for more precise shots. Similarly, those who prefer Milliradian allow the spotter the ability to call directions in MIL measurements. No matter which option you chose, each reticle features incrementally numbered markings for quick reference - critical in high-stress situations with quickly changing scenarios that demand prompt follow-up shots. 

Boasting tack-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, crystal clear glass quality, and a silky smooth focus mechanism, the B.5 MOA/MIL stands out as an unparalleled optic ready for the mission. Its versatility extends to tripod mounting, offering the option to attach it securely to a tripod using a tripod adapter, ensuring rock-solid stability.

Despite its internal complexity, the B.5 MOA/MIL is designed for intuitive use externally. Use it like you would any binocular by adjusting the multiple-position eyecups and Diopter Adjustment Ring to match with your unique characteristics, then fine-tune the reticle focus using the Reticle Focus Ring. For additional precision, utilize the Reticle Leveling Ring to perfectly align the integrated reticle to match the terrain. This ensures seamless operation, similar to any standard binocular, making it effortlessly accessible for users of all levels.