About Us

WRR Lander
Maven – (-ven) 1. A trusted expert 2. One with knowledge based on accumulation of experience.

How’s the hunting on Madison Avenue? Yeah, we don’t know either. And so long as there’s plenty of rock and ice, mud and single-track, elk and elbowroom out here in fly-over country, we don’t care to find out. We are Maven. A new company focused on the design and creation of innovative products for, and by, the modern outdoorsman.

You don’t find yourself twelve miles in, four pitches up, fifty feet into your backing, or seventy yards from the buck of a lifetime by accident. Likewise a company doesn’t sprout from the rocky Wyoming soil without first making some deliberate, unconventional choices. At Maven, we refuse to compromise our mountain town roots, to follow the well-worn path to a dollar. We choose instead to make game-changing gear and use it in the places and pursuits that inspire us… everyday.

Maven customers don’t compromise either. If it’s in their pack, you can bet the ranch that it’s got the performance level to enhance their time in the hills. We respect that. That’s why we’ve teamed up with them, and together chosen a better way to put elite equipment into the hands of discriminating users, at the right price.

We all know from years in the backcountry that quality, adaptability and relationships are paramount to any successful outing. So Maven focuses on the fundamentals – clean, simple designs with the very best modern materials and technologies – to create uncompromising gear; gear with that… feel. Our customers then customize those products to perfectly fit their unique needs. Partnering in this way, – customer with manufacturer, maven to maven, – we deliver world-class custom outdoor equipment straight to the user, for a fraction of the one-size fits all retail cost.

Let someone else pay a premium for the shop kid’s advice. You’ll be in the woods. You’re a Maven.