At Maven, we refuse to compromise our mountain town roots to follow the well-worn path to a dollar. We choose instead to make game-changing gear and use it in the places and pursuits that inspire us… everyday. We all know from years in the backcountry that quality, adaptability and relationships are paramount to any successful outing. Here we like to create lasting real relationships to our customers so that they get as much enjoyment out of the great remote areas where we all go to get away from it all. If you have a question give us a call - you'll get a real person who can use their first-hand experience to help you. If it's a busy season you might even talk to one of the co-owners. That's the kind of hometown service you can expect at Maven.

“I once had a very gifted photography professor in college tell me, “the closer we get to a subject matter, the more interesting it becomes to us.” Maven optics get me closer. They’re simply the best optics I’ve ever used, not the best “for the price,” just simply the best.”

-Donnie Vincent, Professional Explorer / Biologist / Conservationist / Sportsman


Because we sell direct to consumer, we’re not driven by the demands of the retailer. Therefore we're not building our products to hit a certain price point which limits the type of materials we can use. As a result, we use the best glass available in our optics. In our S, B, and RS Series optics, we utilize the best optical components available from Japan. In our C Series, we use a combination of key Japanese components along with other optical elements from China. In all of our optics we plan and build an overall optical system tuned to be the best performance available.

“The glass is sourced and ground in japan, and the unit is tight and precise. While you might dress it up like a racecar or a prom dress, this is a sporting optic with a tough, field-worthy pedigree.”

-Andrew McKean, Optics Editor / Outdoor Life


In 2014 we launched the B.1 binocular upending the industry by offering customization. Since then we've added popular brand name camouflage patterns, a slew of anodized colors, and the ability to customize a rifle scope. Use the Maven Custom Builder to create one-of-a-kind custom binoculars, spotting scopes, and riflescopes. Performance, personalization, perfection. Build yours.

“They continue to amaze me. As a consumer for optics I just love their quality, pricing and business model for consumers with no middle man.”

-Happy Customer


We sell our products direct to you, the customer. Most companies use the traditional retail model of selling their product, which means a markup of around 50% is added to that item at the retail level. As an example, Store A buys a product from a brand for $500, then sells it to their customer for $1000. Because stores want that brand to fit a retail price point, it puts limits on product development and the quality of materials that can be used.

Since we bypass this retail model, we’re freed up to use the highest grade materials available, which means we can partner with the best glass producers in the world and work with the best materials to produce our product. Ultimately, this means we can produce an optic that rivals the best, but at about half the cost of our competitors.