How to Clean Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Rifle Scopes, & Rangefinders

Looking for the best methods to keep your binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and rangefinders in top shape so they can perform their best? We've put together a complete guide to proper cleaning techniques so your optics will best carry out the task at hand when they're called upon.  

How to Clean Optics

Exposing your binocular, spotting scope, rifle scope, or rangefinder to dust, dirt, and debris can hinder optical quality. So, regularly cleaning your optics are important to maintaining optical performance.

How to Clean Ocular and Objective Lenses

Start by using pressurized air to carefully remove any large particles and debris. For any fine debris that may remain, a LensPen or an optics brush can be used to brush away loose material. To remove smudges and oils that may have come in contact with the lenses, spray them with a small amount of optical cleaning fluid. Wipe down the lenses using a microfiber cleaning cloth and remove all fluid. For stubborn oils, a mild dish soap can be used using the same process.

Note: harsh cotton, facial tissues, or t-shirts should never be used since it can damage the lenses.

How to Clean Ocular Eyecups

To eliminate debris from the eyecups and to further access the ocular assembly, twist the eyecups counter-clockwise and remove them from the binocular - this allows for a more detailed cleaning. Rinse the eyecup in running water for a thorough cleaning, then allow to air dry before replacing. 

How to Clean Optic Housing

Further cleaning may be necessary to maintain overall performance of the optic. Spray pressurized air into all hinges, seams, and mechanical components to remove grit and debris from the housing. Additionally, a microfiber cleaning cloth can used to wipe down all exterior components (e.g., rubber armor, anodized aluminum, etc.). A mild soap can also be used for those tough to remove stains and blemishes.  

Kits for Cleaning Rifle Scopes and Binoculars

For an all-in-one cleaning kit, check out the Maven Lens Cleaning Kit - it  includes a microfiber cleaning cloth, a lens cleaning pen with anti-static brush/chamois cleaning pad, and a 1 oz bottle of lens cleaner, all packaged together in a packable ballistic nylon case and is the perfect assortment to keep your lenses performing flawlessly.

Protect Your Clean Optics with Lens Filters

For an additional safeguard and a tried and true way of keeping your objective lens protected and safe, consider the Maven Clear Lens Filters. All Maven B Series, S Series, and RS Series optics accept clear lens filters to give added insurance to protect the objective lens and to keep them clean. This added insurance also maintains over 99% light transmission and does not hinder optical quality. 

Whether you're using your optics for hunting, birding, or general nature viewing, these techniques will help maintain the performance of your investment and assure that they remain in top shape.

For questions regarding maintaining your optics, contact Customer Service directly at or 800.307.1109.