Maven Gear

As a company that produces and delivers high-performance optics, we understand the level of precision that goes into premium products. What we also understand is knowing when it's good idea to seek out others for a specialized job. Enter: Dannine Donaho with Snow Deep Screenprinting and Design.

Since Maven's inception, we've been going to Dannine with our apparel screenprinting. Quality and value are a core tenet of our organization, and we've entrusted Dannine with printing some of our best Maven gear.If you're not familiar with screenprinting, here's a quick rundown of the process straight from Dannine: 

"Photo emulsion screenprinting is a type of printing commonly used on textiles. Before ink can be applied to a garment, a stencil must initially be created. Using a fine-mesh screen, the design is first transferred to the screen using a light-sensitive emulsion. When exposed to utra-violet light, the areas of unexposed emulsion leave a negative stencil on the screen.

Once burned in, the film is removed and the image area is then rinsed away with a high-pressure washer ultimately allowing the ink to pass through the design and onto the textile.

The screen is then affixed to a rotating printing press and ink is pressed through the screen onto a stretched garment. Once applied, the ink is cured by a heating element until the ink reaches ~320 degrees."

"I've been working with Maven since the's been fun watching them grow."

Looking for some new gear to spruce up your wardrobe? Whether you're in the field or hanging out in your local pub, our shirts, hats, and branded gear keep you looking good.

You can find Dannine online at and on Instagram @snowdeepdesigns