MAVEN: Redefining Optics

Maven was born out of wanting to solve a problem - out of the idea that we could develop a premium product without compromising on quality or performance. And, the idea that we could offer this to our customers at an affordable price. How can we do this? The answer is easy...we sell our world class optics directly to our customers.

We're redefining the optics business, and we're breaking the mold of the traditional retail model.

Because stores fill their shelves with products to fit a specific retail price point, that puts limits on companies and the products they produce - which means quality and performance suffer. We're different - you can't find Maven in retail stores. As a result, we have no limitations when it comes to research and development or the quality of materials we use to produce our optics. Because we're not trying to hit a retail price point, we're not limited to lesser grade materials to cut costs. We pride ourselves in working with the best ingredients - that means we're using the highest quality extra low dispersion (ED) glass, the most advanced coatings, and innovative optical systems, all in structurally robust and durable frames. The result: amazing low light performance, crystal clear resolution, and incredible clarity - the recipe for world class and award winning optics. Unique to our direct to consumer business model is the ability to customize your own optic. In addition to stock units (which are available to ship immediately), our custom optic builder allows you to completely customize your optic to meet your specific needs. Whether you're building a B Series binocular or an S Series spotting scope, you can choose between 7 different body armors, 8 different accent colors, engravings, etc...all in all, there are over 15 billion options in just the B Series alone. We build for the individual - built for your style and your requirements. We're growing quickly, and we are growing in a non-traditional way. We are a small company in an ocean of giants, but we're succeeding at producing a product that rivals the best.