Maven Shooter Profile: Jesse Broadwater

If you aren't familiar with Jesse, he's a multi-award-winning world champion archer and his achievements are tremendous to say the least. These include World Indoor Target Champion, World Outdoor Field Champion, Multiple Vegas Champion, NFAA Shooter of the Year, ASA Shooter of the Year, Course Record Holder at the Redding Trail Shoot, Record Holder in NFAA, USA Archery Indoor Record Holder, Multiple NFAA champion, ASA champion, and has earned World Archery and USA Archery medals. So, when Jesse approached us about using our optics, we were excited to get a pair of Maven B.2's into his hands. If anyone knows how important optics are to their livelihood, it's Jesse. He's been a professional archer since 18 and has made a lifelong career out of the sport. When he approached us, not only was Jesse interested in our world class optics, but he also expressed an interest in working with a small, unique, direct-to-consumer business that he could grow with. Nathan Lopez (Maven Pro Staff Coordinator) - "over the years I've had the privilege of working with some great professional athletes, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, Jesse is one of the most humble, unassuming professionals I've worked with - he's the epitome of what it means to be a true professional without the Alaska-sized ego you often get with athletes at the top of their career." From Jesse...

"I originally got into archery because I wanted to bow hunt with my dad. He purchased a hunting bow for me when I was 6, and once he saw I had some talent, we joined an archery club. The Cumberland Bowhunters in Cumberland, MD was full of excellent archers and they helped us progress within the sport. Over time, we honed our skills with target bows and started traveling with the club to competitions. I started competing at age 8 and turned pro at 18. Archery has been my livelihood ever since.

"Not only do I enjoy quality products, but they are a necessity for me, especially with optics...the choice for me was clear with Maven."

I chose Maven because the brand looked so appealing. I had to get my hands on a pair - I’m glad I did! The products and dealings with the company have been excellent! Not only do I enjoy quality products, but they are a necessity for me, especially with optics. Whether it’s tournament archery, long-range rifle shooting, or hunting, the choice for me was clear with Maven."

Resides: Ellenton, FL with his wife and three children

Hobbies: hunting, fishing, camping, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, guns, fast cars, diesel trucks

Archery gear/sponsorship: Mathews, TRU Ball/Axcel, Easton, AAE, Competition Archery Products, Feather Vision, Sweet Spot, SKB cases, Last Chance Archery

Connect: Facebook: Jesse Broadwater // Instagram: @jessebroadwater

Photos courtesy of Jesse Broadwater