NEW: Maven B1.2 and B.6 Binocular

We're excited to introduce two new optics to the award-winning B Series Binocular line-up: the new and improved B1.2 8x42mm and 10x42mm and the B.6 10x50mm and 12x50mm. 

The Maven B Series, our elite line of optics, takes a big leap with the re-vamp of our popular B.1 Binocular and with the introduction of the B.6 Binocular. Both are designed using the best-performing ED glass and state-of-the-art technology, making the B Series one of the most modern, high-performing optics on the market. Built around a magnesium frame and a durable rubber housing, they are built to withstand any situation you find yourself in. 

B1.2 8x42mm & 10x42mm

Out with the old and in with the new...and improved. The B1.2 is the next generation of our popular B.1 Binocular flagship. We took the best features of a classic and improved upon our original binocular design with a wider field of view, improved coatings, a larger, wider Schmidt-Pechan prism, and packaged it in a lighter, more compact build that boasts excellent light transmission. 



Made to handle most situations, the B1.2 features superior low-light performance, tack-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, generous depth of field, and a smooth focus mechanism. At only 5.7 inches and 26.8 ounces, this binocular is our recommended go-to for an all-purpose optic for hunting, birding, and general-purpose wildlife viewing.

B.6 10x50mm & 12x50mm

Built around the success of our award-winning B.1 Binocular, but enhanced with a larger objective, improved coatings, and a larger, wider Schmidt-Pechin prism, the B.6 is a big step-up in brightness and light transmission. Available in both 10x and 12x options, the B.6 is one of our brightest mid-sized binoculars. Additionally, with one of the most modern optical systems on the market, this purpose-built binocular is designed to maximize optical light gathering properties, a vital feature for enhanced glassing during those low-light periods.

Designed to pick up where the B1.2 leaves off, the B.6 excels in low-light performance, and produces an image with excellent clarity and with generous depth of field. And with only 6.5 inches in length and a mere 30.6 ounces in weight, the B.6 is our recommended optic for those who are looking to minimize size and weight but desire to enhance brightness and field of view. 

"The new B.6 12x50s allow me to carry more magnification and better light transmission into the backcountry, in a package not noticeably larger or heavier than traditional 10x42s."


As with our entire lineup of B Series optics, the B1.2 and B.6 are both available in two stock colors, grey/orange and black/grey. If personalizing is more your preference, both units are fully customizable to fit your style and taste (note: customization will be available in mid-Aug). Whether you choose to build your own custom or a stock unit, they are designed using the best materials available to create an uncompromising, state-of-the-art optic.

The Maven B1.2 & B.6: the next generation in the B Series lineage