NEW: Maven RF.1 Rangefinder

Following the success of our award-winning binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifle scopes series, comes the next chapter in producing gear made for the modern outdoorsperson.

Introducing the Maven RF.1 Rangefinder - a new generation of integrated technology and world-class optics, and our entrance into the world of integrated range-finding technology.  

Designed around our award winning glass, the new RF rangefinder is powered by technology specifically developed for precise, pinpoint accuracy required for confident ranging. With 5-4500 yard ranging effectiveness, line of sight and angle compensation, the RF.1 covers distance requirements for both archery and long range shooters, alike. For difficult to range scenarios, the field/forest function matches range mode to your environment, and for precision in aiming, the RF.1 features 5 reticles with 5 brightness levels to match your unique situation.

A. Angle Compensated/Line of Sight Indicator (Menu only)
B. Angle Compensated/Line of Sight Indicator (Display)
C. Degree of Angle (LOS only)
D. Aiming Reticle
E. Unit of Measure Indicator
F. Field/Forest Indicator
G. Scan Indicator
H. Battery Life Indicator
I. Firing Indicator
J. Distance Display


-5-4500 yard range effectiveness: covers ranging needs for both archery and long range hunters
-Line of Sight and Angle Compensation: offers exact range readings and angle readings for shooting adjustments
-Field/Forest function: ideal for both wide open terrain and forest scenarios that filters out trees, limbs, and other obstructions that can hinder laser readings
-5 reticles: multiple reticle options to fit your specific needs
-5 brightness levels: multiple brightness levels to assist viewing in all lighting scenarios

"Compact, ergonomic, and so powerful you can range over a mile - handheld. Braced against a tree, I’ve ranged over 3,000 yards. Optical quality is superb, crystal clear edge to edge."
-Joseph von Benedikt - Contributing editor for Shooting Times, Petersen’s Hunting, Guns & Ammo, and Rifle Shooter.

"Accurate ranging is something you expect from a rangefinder, but the razor-sharp image clarity of this model offers a whole other level of performance I wasn't expecting. The RF.1 has insane optical quality, especially in low light."
-Alice Jones Webb,

The Maven RF.1 rangefinder - where world class optics meets world class technology.