New: Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm Spotting Scope

As a company committed to delivering premium products to our customers, we continually strive to elevate performance standards. With the dynamic landscape of technology and advancements in components, we're constantly looking at ways to refine our products to incorporate these enhancements. Enter the next iteration of our popular, award-winning spotting scope: the Maven S1.2 25-50x80mm spotting scope with interchangeable eyepieces.

Building upon the foundation laid by the award-winning S Series, the S1.2A and S1.2S represent the evolution of Maven high-powered spotting scopes. Built to cover ground with your eyes in a fraction of the time and effort it would take you on foot, the S Series is designed to maximize detail in variable lighting conditions, all while providing a crystal clear image at every magnification. 

While the S.1 Spotting Scope, with its fixed eyepiece, offers distinct advantages, namely durability, consistency, and ease of use, there's something to be said for the advantages of a removable eyepiece. Interchangeable eyepieces give you functional freedom - versatility, packability, customization, and the ability to upgrade.

"Adding these optics and options to our existing lineup of scopes, rangefinders, and binoculars allows us to better provide our customers with nearly everything they need on the range or in the field.”

-Brendon Weaver, Co-Owner + Design/Marketing

Interchangeable eyepieces give you functional freedom
 - versatility, packability, customization, and the ability to upgrade.

Choose between the variable magnification 25-50x zoom eyepiece for field use or a fixed reticle eyepiece to aid in target and competitive shooting scenarios. This offers an excellent balance between portability and performance, allowing for more freedom. The integrated MOA or MIL reticle assists in shooting scenarios by providing clear shot interpretation for both spotters and shooters. Use the reticle to range known targets or on-the-fly field judging for big game.

Reticle Eyepiece Options

Similar to its predecessor, the S1.2 is offered in both straight (S1.2S) and angled (S1.2A) configurations to accommodate individual preferences. An integrated lens shade is incorporated to minimize lens flare, particularly in challenging, harsh, high-contrast lighting conditions common with mid-day sunlight. The S1.2A model features a convenient side tripod collar adjustment knob, enabling precise rotation along the X axis to align with your tripod angle and viewing preferences. Additionally, its integrated Arca-Swiss foot seamlessly adapts to tripod heads compatible with this universal quick-release mount system.

The S1.2 is our recommended high-powered optic for hunters, recreational and competitive shooters, birders, and wildlife viewers who demand premium performance. With a light transmission of >80%, the S1.2 provides stellar viewing within its entire magnification range to cover a wide range of use-case scenarios. 

As with the entire S Series line-up, the S1.2 also features fluorite glass - the best glass available for larger objective lenses which yields tack-sharp edge-to-edge clarity, superior low light performance, and bright, crisp images with no aberration or distortion, even at maximum magnification.

No matter, which S Series optic you go with, Maven spotting scopes offer unmatched quality and performance. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver premium products at a fraction of the cost to comparable spotting scopes. By blending modern sportsman-inspired designs with cutting-edge materials and technology, we craft uncompromising optics.