On the ground in Ghana

Last spring, our neighbor and friend Jason Hunter from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) visited the Maven Headquarters. He introduced us to Dr. Godfred Bempah, an international partner from the West African country of Ghana. Godfred, a biologist with the Wildlife Division of Ghana, has traveled to Wyoming to learn about the North American model of wildlife management.

"I visited and participated in...the programs and activities of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to help and learn the unique North American Wildlife Management Model. A rare opportunity for Wildlife Conservation Officers in Sub-Saharan Africa."

-Dr. Godfred Bempah, Ghana Wildlife Division 

Ghana, centrally located on the coast of West Africa, boasts large and viable populations of wildlife and diverse natural landscapes. The country's rich cultural and historical significance further enhances its appeal as an ecotourism destination. The Ghana Wildlife Division plays a crucial role in managing protected areas and conserving the nation's wildlife, including a myriad of species such as elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and chimpanzees, all of which contribute to Ghana's biodiversity and attract ecotourists from around the globe.

During our visit with Godfred, we discovered that Ghana’s wildlife officers have minimal to no access to quality optics. These tools are crucial not only for wildlife observation and research but also for combatting poaching. Recognizing this importance, it was a no-brainer for us to help them out. We can be certain that without a doubt, getting Maven’s into the hands of Godfred and his crew would be a huge benefit for their work. In the face of ongoing research challenges, poaching threats, and other issues, high-performance optics are a necessity rather than a luxury.

Godfred met Jason Hunter at a training session in 2018, and as a result of their conversations, Jason was able to directly help the Ghana agency's needs to combat hippo poaching. Since then, Jason and Godfred have developed their friendship and have since discussed ideas and experiences on adaptive leadership and project collaborations on wildlife management.

As a result of those discussions, he has assisted WGFD with field work related to elk management, wolf studies, GPS collar retrievals, deer captures, public education events, drone training, snowmobiling, and internal WGFD meetings. Through this relationship, he’s been able to secure over $5000 in donations for ongoing conservation efforts throughout Ghana.

Dr. Godfred Bempah (Ph.D) works with the Ghana Wildlife Division and is responsible for law enforcement, ecotourism, community education/awareness, and research activities. He has a passion for wildlife and people, and is constantly working to bring the two together for the benefit of both.