Outdoor Life Accolades

We design gear for performance. While we're confident in our products, part of our job is to translate those details to our customers, the end user. What makes that job easier are third party reviewers who run them through their paces. Enter Outdoor Life, the go-to publication of America’s diehard hunters, shooters, and anglers since 1898. We're humbled, once again, that Outdoor Life awarded us with not one, not two, but three honorable awards:

OUTDOOR LIFE BEST BUY AWARD: Maven B.6 10x and 12x50 Binocular // OUTDOOR LIFE EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD: CS.1 15-45x65 Spotting Scope // OUTDOOR LIFE BEST LIGHTWEIGHT AWARD: CRS.1 3-12x40 Riflescope

"Given the build, quality of the glass, and smart ergonomics, we’d expect this optic to be priced closer to $2,000. The 10×50 is a great choice for just about any western hunter looking for reach and portability (and) it’s also extremely bright. 

When you consider Maven’s lifetime warranty and excellent customer service, we felt like the B.6 represented a remarkable value as well as a top performer."

Best Binoculars for Hunting / Great Buy Award: Maven B.6 12x50 

"Maven applied the Goldilocks Rule to this versatile spotter. It’s positioned “just right” between the company’s big, bright, and spendy S.1 series and its big-boned B.5 binoculars. That makes a great combination for hardscrabble backcountry hunters who don’t want to sacrifice optical performance, knowing that seeing long distances can save them many miles and thousands of feet of elevation in their boots. 

What the CS.1 delivers...is rugged performance. The 65mm size is just about right for most backpack pockets." 

The Best Spotting Scopes / Editor's Choice Award: Maven CS.1 15-45x65

"This is a perfect companion to a flat-shooting ultralight mountain rifle for a hunter who intends to get within range to hold right on the target with the center of the classic German 4 reticle.

...most whitetail hunters want a simple, durable, versatile scope, and the CRS.1 is just the ticket."

The Best Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting / Best Lightweight Award: Maven CRS.1 3-12x40