Peak Rescue: Professional Backcountry Search & Rescue

With wilderness and adventure around every corner, living in Wyoming is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with that adventure comes the risk for getting caught up in dangerous, and potentially, life-threatening situations. That's where Peak Rescue comes in - the top training organization for mountain rescue. They provide the all-important behind-the-scenes training required for search and rescue teams that risk their lives to help save those that find themselves in dangerous off-the-grid adventures. 

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The organization is made up of a group of highly-skilled, certified instructors with backgrounds ranging from rock climbing, fire fighting, hazmat, first responder, paramedics, and a variety of rescue-based fields. Not only do they perform this work professionally, they also work and train with some of the best rescue teams in world. From rope access courses to advanced mountain rescue, they cover the training gamut.

"We provide cutting-edge education to prevent catastrophe. We've spent thousands of hours performing work around the globe in challenging conditions using these rope rescue techniques."

-Micah Rush, Found & Lead Instructor

At the helm is Micah Rush, Lead Instructor and founder of Peak Rescue. Among the many skills and accolades, he's one of the only rescue techs in the country with Rope Access, Rope Rescue, Mountain Rescue, ITRA Register Assessor, ITRA Instructor Confined Space & Rope Level 3, and full International Federation of Mountain Guide Association certifications. He and his team travel the country and world to work and train the very best.

"We get to perform rescues and implement the things that we teach - we save lives and help people get out of [life-threatening] situations."


Among their top-sought after classes is their Advanced Mountain Rescue course. Taught in Wyoming's own Fremont Canyon, the course integrates both rope rescue and self-rescue techniques in a high mountain environment and applies a series of techniques with mountain modifications to solve complex mountain rescue problems.

"What makes us unique is our cross pollination and diverse backgrounds with our instructors - we have climbers, firefighters, full time mountain guides, ski patrol - we take from each of these industries to stay in the forefront and be progressive in the rescue world."

"What drives me the most is working with teams, training them, and giving them these high-end skills...then them calling me later and saying we did this rescue and everything you taught us really helped. The other side is that when we get to perform rescues and implement the things that we teach - we save lives and help people get out of [life-threatening] situations."

"As a rescuer, and founder of Peak Rescue, we often find ourselves faced with several problems that required the precision and accuracy only a rangefinder or binoculars could solve. We're known for cross pollinating the rescue industry and breaking up the silos that often stagnate an industry, and I knew Maven rangefinders could be especially useful for our rescues. Whether it's judging length for a canyon distance, for a high line, or looking down a cliff, we waste no time using rangefinders. Not only are we using it in the backcountry, we are also using it in our industry response. When looking at a tower rescue it’s critical to be accurate with distance the first time - there's no room for error in real rescue applications, and Maven rangefinders secure the accuracy in measuring distance and location so we can execute the rescue quickly. They are no longer solely a tool for hunting, they are also a necessary tool for an efficient rescue."

Enter to win a MyMedic TFAK and MyFAK First Aid Kits and a Maven RF.1 Rangefinder

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  • Field / Forest Function (Obstruction Filter)
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  • Excellent Color Fidelity
  • Tripod Adaptable


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