The new Maven RS.4 5-30x56mm FFP: our preeminent long range scope.

Competitive shooters, long range enthusiasts, and long range hunters demand a level of precision that is not found in standard hunting and target scopes. The RS.4 Riflescope was specifically designed for those who require maximum precision when minor adjustments can make all the difference.  

A 5-30x zoom range covers every shooting situation imaginable and is built around a 34mm tube for maximum dialing adjustments and light transmission. The 56mm objective lens captures every ounce of available light and allows you to stay on target when lesser scopes have packed up and gone home.

Available in MOA or MIL, this first focal plane scope is designed to take the shooter to the next level. Whether shooting steel at 1200 yards, or delivering a precise shot on that trophy bull at extended range, the RS.4 delivers unrivalled precision. Built with a rock solid zero-stop, broad parallax adjustments, and 2 color options of illumination with multiple brightness settings, the shooter is sure to find the perfect setting for every condition. Capped with large tactile turrets and a beautifully machined zoom ring, the RS.4 looks as good as it performs.

"The short body of this scope holds impressive clarity and a bright full field of view. Overall, the RS.4 is a great balance between size, zoom range, and functionality."

-Collin Fossen, Competitive Shooter

To take full advantage of all the RS.4’s capabilities, we’ve introduced an entirely new reticle design - enter the CFR-MIL (MRAD). Designed by competitive shooter Collin Fossen, the Competition Focused Reticle is a tree style reticle with floating center diamond and is intended for ease of use with either dialing or rapid hold-over shots. Closely-spaced stadia marks aid in precise elevation and wind holds, and strategically-placed floating diamonds provide quick visual references without obstructing your view of the target. 

The RS.4 is also available in our popular, purpose-designed reticles, the MOA-based MOA-2 and SHR-W reticles, as well as the newly introduced SHR-MIL, MRAD-based reticle. And just like all rifle scopes in the RS Series, the RS.4 features crystal clear ED glass for tack-sharp clarity, a silky focus mechanism, precision-milled adjustments, solid click detents, and durable anodizing to stand up to heavy use.

Reticle Options

SHR-W | MOA-2   //   SHR-MIL | CFR-MIL

"I designed this reticle for flexibility - the CFR reticle provides the flexibility I need for hold overs, wind holds, and for measuring target dimensions on even the smallest target sizes." 

-Collin Fossen, Competitive Shooter

Whether you’re a Competitive shooter, a long range shooter, or a long range hunter, the RS.4 offers a level of precision and flexibility unmatched by similarly-priced rifle scopes.