User Feedback & Reviews - Key to Our Success

We love hearing feedback from Maven users. Not only does it help us to refine and deliver a great product, but it also inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing. Case in point, here’s a great email we received from Jake Franklin, professional sheep hunting guide and owner of Kika Worldwide.
Maven: I'm a career sheep hunter with over 80 Desert and Rocky Mountain Bighorns guided. To be successful I have to be outfitted with top-of-the-line products to ensure future success. It was a couple years ago when professional skateboarder and dear friend Geoff Rowley wanted to visit the trade show booth of Maven Built Optics. I heard him out and attended the booth with my hands in my pockets and my mind made up. "Another optics brand for entry-level hunters." I had what I felt to be the best glass money could buy, and enough of it for a small army. I had absolutely no need for more, and especially something not up to the quality that is demanded when guiding sheep on a daily basis. The guys were nice and I loved that they are a U.S.-based company in beautiful Wyoming, but that didn't shake the fact that I'm a sheep outfitter and optics are the lifeblood of a quality sheep operation. A year goes by and I'm none the wiser when Ryan Harder, a close friend and fellow guide, forces me to take his binoculars "for a rip." I used them for a day and that's when it started; the comparison of Maven glass to everything I had in camp. I couldn't refuse the vibrance and clarity improvement from the most expensive glass that I was currently using. My stance quickly changed and I was looking forward to Sheep Show 2016 where I would go back to that Maven booth and ask "how?" I was confused. It was keeping me up at night thinking that there was clearer glass, produced by a Wyoming-based company, and I wasn't on that train. When the show finally arrived I trotted right back to their booth, this time with my hands on their product and not in my pockets. I was a kid in a candy store. I left the show with glass to start my new season out and test them in the roughest test an optic company could face...a sheep guide. I have had the binoculars on my neck, and the scope in my pack for an entire sheep season. I am in love. Not only do I use their glass exclusively, but I feel I'm holding onto a secret and it doesn't feel fair keeping it to myself. I didn't need optics and I switched because there was something better. Now my work optics are Mavens and my loners are Swarovski's. I'm blessed to be one of the first sheep guides to say I exclusively use Maven Built Optics. Thank you guys, I appreciate the quality. All The Best, Jake Franklin Owner Operator Kika Worldwide
We appreciate the kind words from Jake, and we appreciate all those that have taken the time to review our hunting and birding optics and provide us with valuable feedback and comments. As a small company who only sells direct, we value each and every one of our customers. We know you have a choice, and we know you are taking a chance. And for that, we say thank you.