MagView Spotting Scope Adapter

$ 170

Utilizing strong rare-earth magnets built into the adapter, the S1 system creates an incredibly stable platform, requiring only a super thin stainless steel plate adhered to the phone to secure the device to the optic. Simply flip open the S1 cap, connect your device to the magnet with the included MagView Phone Plate, position the camera and you are ready to film.

The design is incredibly durable and multifunctional. When not in use, the S1 shields the eyepiece from dust and precipitation, keeping your glass clean and clear.

Works with S.1, S.2 (using 53-54 outer and 57-58 as an inner shim), S.3, and the CS.1. 

Includes 1 phone plate.

Learn more about MagView at

*Please note the MagView Phone Plate is not compatible with wireless phone chargers. 

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