Precision. Reliability. Performance. We addressed each of these pillars when we brought in a crew of PRS shooters, long range hunters, and industry authorities to Maven headquarters to draft our first long range hunting scope. We aimed to develop a scope with the reliability of a Swiss-made watch and the optical performance of a Maven.

Shooters came to us after years of frustration in the field acknowledging that competitor’s long range scopes were built so beefy that they looked more at home on a howitzer than a hunting rifle, and the light weight options skimped on glass and materials to hit a target weight, ignoring performance all together.

Enter the RS.3: the new benchmark of long range hunting rifle scopes.

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The RS.3 features a 5-30x magnification range, machined turrets with toolless zero, a lockable zero-stop, and at 26.9 oz takes the title for the lightest full-featured 30x hunting scope on the market. Paired with ED glass for true color rendering and a larger 50mm objective lens, this scope maximizes light transmission for common low-light hunting scenarios.

"I was extremely impressed with the clarity and crispness at all magnifications...lightweight, versatile and an easy to use reticle. (I'm) Certainly going to replace my hunting scopes with the RS.3."

Kelsy Gonzales / Professional Guide

Inside we added the next generation of our popular reticles. The SHR-W is designed around our Simplified Holdover Reticle, but adds windage measurement for those that want to dial elevation, but hold for wind. Similarly, our MOA-2 is based off of the popular MOA-1, but adds a floating dot to allow for extremely precise holds. And since they are all first focal plane you know your holds will be accurate at any zoom range.

With the large magnification range you can zoom out for tight, close-range shots, or zoom in to 30x for precise shots at extended ranges. Together with the exposed 0.25 MOA/click turrets, locking zero stop, and side parallax adjustment, both close and long-range shots can be made with confidence.

"Bright, crisp, more zoom than you need, good reticle, rugged, and LIGHT WEIGHT."

Collin Fossen / PRS Shooter

Package all this with Maven’s no-fault warranty and direct to consumer pricing and you get a world class scope that will last you a lifetime.

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The RS.3: Exceed your limitations.