Partnership: Maven & First Lite

In our never-ending quest to create world class products for our customers, we listen and take to heart all of your requests. Among those, one of our top appeals is, "when can I get a Maven in a First Lite pattern?"

We're excited to announce our new partnership with high-end hunting apparel company First Lite. Starting now, you can custom build a Maven B Series binocular or S Series spotting scope with First Lite's unique camo pattern, Cipher. Keep reading to figure out how you can get a free Cipher upgrade on your custom build in addition to a nice little discount on gear from First Lite!

As one of the premier brands in hunting, not only does First Lite share our passion for the direct-to-consumer model, but they also embody a constant drive for innovation and functionality in everything they do - core values that we also share.

"We are very excited to partner with First Lite. Given that we share the same mission in producing premium hunting gear, it was apparent to us that a partnership was a no-brainer."

-Brendon Weaver / Co-owner, Marketing & Design


The decision to add Cipher to our line-up of armoring was simple - not only is it a proven pattern in the field, it's also a great fit for our B Series binoculars and S Series spotting scopes.

From First Lite: Cipher leverages the proven working principles of Fusion and applies them to landscape palettes with less color. Cipher emphasizes the narrower color spectrum found during the autumn and winter months in both hardwood and western environments. With its muted coloration and Fusion-inspired DNA, Cipher is a deadly weapon in every hunter's arsenal.

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"First Lite is honored to be a part of Maven's product line. Having used their optics extensively, it was an easy decision to complement their incredible quality and craftsmanship."

-Ross Copperman / VP Sales & Marketing

From now until November 30, use code FIRSTLITE-CIPHER and get a free custom upgrade to Cipher on your B Series binocular or S Series spotting scope. And, for those who order before November 30, you'll get an additional treat - a 10% off code for any First Lite gear!

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First Lite’s new film “Annuli” follows Bridget Noonan and Jessi Johnson on the hunt of a lifetime as they chase some of the world’s most coveted wild game in the NWT, and put the Maven B.2, S.1A, and RS.3 to the test.

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